About Network Insurance Services, LLC

Our Primary Purpose

Network Insurance Services, LLC (NIS) has been a locally owned business since December of 2001 (see some of our key team members). Each of our customers are assigned to a team. Each team contains specialists for insurance coverages as well as risk management and claims management concerns. Network Insurance Services built its reputation on honest up-front communication and education about coverages.

Our Primary Purpose

We are a forward-thinking company that is always looking for new innovative ways to help our customers control their costs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide services equal to those found in large national clearing houses but with personal attention found in smaller boutique agencies.

Beyond the level of personal attention, honesty, trust, loyalty, knowledge, and relationships that Network Insurance Services provides, we offer a number of resources that are unique to our agency. Our ability to offer Cost Reduction Technologies pre-employment and post-injury strength testing is exclusive to Network Insurance Services for the State of Colorado. To our knowledge, Network Insurance Services is also the only brokerage in the State of Colorado with a nurse on staff, a Physical Therapist on staff, and that performs weekly work comp claims reviews.

What We Do

At Network Insurance Services, LLC, we help business owners protect and grow their wealth through customized insurance programs.

Client Centered

We take the time to learn who you are and what you do, and we can educate you on the little-known instruments and proactive tools that can help your business control costs and become more profitable. We don’t just sell you a policy, and that sets us apart from the vast majority of insurance agents.

We have built a team of insurance professionals with that rare blend of Property, Liability, Business, Auto, and Workers Compensation insurance expertise that are above and beyond what you normally find.

Rather than just selling you Policies, we help you build an Insurance Portfolio.

When we meet with a future client, we first learn who they are and what they do. We identify their specific needs and start building a risk management program that addresses those needs. We also look through their current policies to find gaps in coverage and identify the most expensive mistakes that they are making now.

What We Bring

  • Expertise in evaluating your needs and solving your problems.
  • Resources to help you control your costs and have input into the claims process.
  • Options to offer you a variety of Insurance Carriers, coverage programs, and premium levels that best suit your needs.
  • Advocacy that assists you in the claims process, in dealing with National and State.
  • Government agencies and regulations, and in solving problems with bills, audits, and more.
  • Access to an actual agent.


  • Workers Compensation Claims and NCCI review/analysis
  • Access to a Workers Compensation claims manager
  • Updates on claim status

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