Workers Compensation Insurance

Network Insurance Services is a leader in Colorado Workers Compensation Insurance.

How much does workers compensation cost in Colorado?

If you have employees, then you need Workers Compensation Insurance.  There is no set premium for workers’ compensation insurance in Colorado. premiums vary depending on the industry, the number of people you employ, the amount of your payroll, the job responsibilities of your workers and your claims experience.

Obtaining and keeping a competitive Workers Compensation premium.

Our Workers Compensation Team completes a thorough yearly audit and analysis using the Modmaster program to assure accurate information has been provided to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) in order to produce your Experience Modification in addition to giving us guidance on how best to manage your losses and ways to pro-actively help our client reduce claims frequency, severity and lost time injuries. This approach will help assure our clients always have the best cost saving measures in place to reduce their experience Modification promulgated by the NCCI, a loss history that will make our marketing efforts more successful and pay better dividends if our client is on a dividend plan.

Claims Reduction Tech Presentation

Make an investment in lowering your companies’ workers compensation insurance by watching this very important video that goes through the Modmaster analysis in full detail.

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