Pre-Employment Physical Ability Screening

For Colorado businesses interested in pre-employment screening for strength (also known as isokinetic testing or strength testing), Network Insurance Services has a solution for you.

Is your Colorado business looking for a pre-employment screening test for strength? Trust the expertise of Network Insurance Services to help you in this endeavor. We are the only agency in the state to offer and conduct a CRT pre-employment test involving isokinetic testing. Our team of highly qualified professionals specialize in various aspects of workers compensation as well, so all of your employment needs can be met in one place.?

The CRT pre-employment test is designed to properly match candidates with what the required strength levels will be for the position they are looking to be hired in. It is important to know that the applicant cannot get hurt doing the CRT testing. Here is some other information you should know about the isokinetic machine and test:

  • The machine does not allow a person to physically exert any more force than the body is capable of producing.
  • The machine measures force, rather than requiring a person to lift weight.
  • Traditional work conditioning testing, which requires applicants to mimic essential job functions, such as climbing ladders or lifting sand bags, does not offer the same sense of security for employers.
  • This is the most effective tool around to reduce the number of sprains and strains a company is having. As a result, experience and overall workers comp premiums are dramatically reduced.?
  • This has been legally tested in court and cannot be faked.
  • The test is not discriminatory.

National statistics show that the isokinetic test produces a job match success of over 98%, along with no sprains or strains if a person passes the test. In addition, we have received approval to use the testing from the Department of Labor and the Division of Insurance. This is a perfect fit for companies trying to reduce the number of injuries new employees incur.

Are you concerned that even with this testing, an employee may experience an accident or injury on the job? You can never have too much protection on your side. We can also offer you our workers compensation insurance, which is required by law in Colorado. Having adequate coverage for employees can mean the difference between potentially crippling legal fees, should a significant lawsuit arise, and the ability to defer most of the cost to the insurance provider.

Overall, the goal is to find help businesses find the right applicants for physically demanding jobs. For more information about our employment screening services or our workers compensation, fill out the form on this page for a free quote or call 888-594-1992 today!

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